The Journey of Documentary is an online interactive documentary about how to make an online interactive documentary. It is an initiative which has been borne out of Atalanti Dionysus’s Masters Research looking at the ‘evolution of documentary’ titled: Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms: Opportunities, Evolving Processes and the Changing Craft.  Her hopes for this site are that it is used as a resource for emerging filmmakers and academics and generates conversation around transmedia & interactive multi-platforms for documentary/storytelling and acts as a hub for collaborations and networking opportunities worldwide.

The website hosts a web series called ‘The Journey of Documentary’, with featured interviews from professional documentary filmmakers/radio, social media experts, games developers, artists, academics and innovators of documentary.  It also hosts an online test screening cinema and a crowdsourced timeline.

The website/web series was created by Atalanti as an experiment testing her theories that once you had the basic tools and understanding of how to use technology, the sky was the limit. Not having built a website before she was able to develop, design and build her own website using online resources and tools, which can be found in the ‘doco-making‘ section of this site. Encouraging emerging documentary filmmakers to take the role of writer, director, producer, camera operator, editor and website developer as a way forward in making sure that you never had to be at the mercy of the ‘gatekeepers’.  Atalanti tested the waters and achieved this at very little expense. Her website ‘The Journey of Documentary’ has been nominated for 11 awards, received 7 and screened at over 20 festivals worldwide.

Atalanti is also the founder of production company Atalanti Films which creates content for a diverse range of projects and is currently undertaking her Ph.D. at La Trobe University looking into Augmented and Virtual Reality Storytelling for both fiction and non-fiction films.

“Such a wonderful spread of resources, a useful guide for my media students” Amelia Bright


“Great range of resources obtained from these interview, what a great range”. Adam Joseph

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